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Sound Enclosure Fir Roots Blower

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SIC series sound enclosure is a lightweight product series developed by our company to improve the acoustic environment and equipment maintenance environment for the noise of various types of equipment such as air compressors, Roots blowers, screw compressors, large water pumps, vacuum pumps, etc.

SIC series sound enclosure, focusing on convenience, simple and flexible structure, easily disassembled, low cost of transportation and use.



● Ventilation and heat dissipation: positive pressure forced ventilation, good ventilation efficiency, long life of ventilation blower;

● Ventilation and silencer: None, using shutter design;

● Placement method: indoor placement;

● Beautiful appearance: the external instrument of the cover can be customized according to different equipments;

● Cooling: a cooling water inlet for the blower is reserved;

● Convenient maintenance: compact structure, removable cover, easy to maintain;

● Convenient management: there are on-site instruments and corresponding mechanisms outside the cover, you can observe the operation status of internal equipment without opening

● Easy installation: simple structure, with detailed on-site installation diagram, customers can install it by themselves;

Main Specifications

◆ Attenuation volume: low frequency band 10 ~ 12dB (A); high frequency noise 12 ~ 20dB (A);

◆ Ventilation volume: The air volume is strictly calculated to ensure that the affluent air volume can still quickly update the indoor air under the premise of greater than the air intake of the indoor equipment;

◆ Applicable products: air compressor, Roots blower, screw compressor, large water pump, vacuum pump, various types of high-noise fluids or mechanical equipments;