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Zirkuléierend Waasserkühlsystem Kit

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Circulating water cooling kit uses the cooling liquid to carry out the heat in the body and exchange it to the atmospheric environment through the heat exchanger, thereby protecting the bearings and extending the life of the body. This kit is mainly aimed at the site that needs water cooling but it is not suitable to install cooling water pipes. It can avoid the body cracking or high temperature damage caused by the traditional water cooling equipment (such as water-cooled Roots blowers, etc.) due to the negligence of water discharge in winter or the failure to use cooling water in summer.

Traditional water cooling device management is extensive, and there is a phenomenon of a large amount of cooling water wasted. Based on the cooling water volume of 10L / min, more than 5,000 tons of cooling water is wasted every year. The use of this kit can avoid the mentioned cost, and does not require seasonal maintenance, can reach to long service life and convenient management.



● Heat dissipation area: using a new type of tube-fin radiator, the unit heat exchange area is large;

● Compulsory circulation: using non-leakage magnetic pump which can reach to forced circulation, no leakage, long pump life and low energy consumption;

● Heat dissipation medium: various grades of coolant, adapt to different regions and different temperatures;

● Compact structure: can be directly hung outside the corresponding equipment rack, easy to install;

● Energy saving and emission reduction: no external water source, no need to lay long water pipelines, low one-time investment cost;

● Easy to use: fill the cooling fluid from time to time, do not need to exclude the cooling water seasonally, the cold weather will not freeze and crack;

Main Specifications

◆ Change of heat: 10000 ~ 20000kj / h;

◆ Color: white, accept customized;

◆ Material: SS316;

◆ Applicable products: air compressor, Roots blower, screw compressor and other high-heat equipment with water-cooled jacket;